Moving your Horse Arc

While many field shelters claim to be mobile for planning purposes, the Horse Arc can be moved easily and without causing damage.
Choose either 'Moving by hand' or 'Towing' if you would like to move your Arc with a vehicle.

Moving your shelter by hand

Introducing the Easy Move System, making light work of moving your Arc, even over wet mud

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Your Easy Move System for moving your Arc by hand.
Your towing kit includes:
8" wide timber skids2 x detachable steel and timber bracing bars1 x chain and fixings2 x extra grid pads2 x feather edge planks (FEB)6 x aluminium roller bars
Price: £345

Step 1

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When you order a Horse Arc you will get concrete blocks which are bolted to the thrust bars. Detach the blocks from the metal thrust bars by unscrewing the bolts.

Step 2

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Use the concrete block and length of wood to lever up the arc, while a second person slides the wooden skids under both sides of the arc.

Step 3

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While the arc is raised, have a second person slide the wooden skids under the arc, on top of the EcoGrid;

Step 4

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then slide the metal roller bars in between the bottom of the arc and the skids.

Step 5

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Lay the EcoGrid in front of the wooden skids and attach the chain to the metal fixings. Then simply pull the arc, allowing it to glide smoothly over the roller bars. When you reach the end of the EcoGrid matts, move the matts and rollers forward and pull the arc further forward.

Towing your field shelter

If you prefer to use a vehicle to drag your arc, then we can supply skids.

Easy Move Towing Kit: Tow by vehicle

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If you choose to move your Horse Arc with a vehicle, it is easy with the Easy Move Towing System. You don't need to buy additional skids, there is everything you need to move your Arc with a vehicle in the kit.

Your towing kit includes:
8" wide timber skids2 x detachable steel and timber bracing bars1 x chain and fixings2 x extra grid pads
How to tow your Horse Arc:
1) Fix the Tie Bars to both entrances of the Arc.
2) Attach the tow chain.
3) Hook the chain up to your vehicle.
4) Slowly tow the Horse Arc.

Uneven ground should be avoided where possible and towing should be done slowly and carefully.

Price: £270

Relocating your shelter to another field

If you need to move to a different site, the arc is easy to pack up and doesn't require large haulage vehicles to transport it.

Dismantling your arc

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Your arc should take approximately 2 hours to dismantle. Start by uncovering your concrete blocks and unbolting them from the thrust bars.

Remove the thrust bars.

Using a stepladder, climb on top of the arc and remove the PVC strip at the apex, by removing the staples.

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws from the weatherboard, one by one, starting at the top of the arc. Lay these flat on top of each other and bind them together with rope to make bundles.

You should now be left with the arc frame, which is made up of 4 wooden arches. Unscrew these one by one, carefully laying them flat.

Transporting your arc

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The dismantled arc is compact, forming bundles no longer than 12ft long. This would easily fit into a standard removals van.

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