The Horse Arc - mobile field shelter

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Custom built sizes are also available. Contact us for more details.

3.6m (L) x 3.2m (W) x 2.6m (H)
4 x 14hh ponies or
2 x 16hh horses

£ 2,350

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Why choose Horse Arc?

10 Year guarantee, made from quality materials

Horses dislike entering dark spaces. Arcs allow natural light in, making it inviting for horses.

Fully mobile, see our guide to moving.

Low maintenance, no need to paint

No planning permission is required for an Arc.

They can be safely shared between horses.

Horses love to play around the field shelter and scratch on the curved structure

Tested in 80mph winds very robust and weather proof

Snow and rain slips straight off, giving the Arc a long lifespan

The attractive design will look great in your field

Get an £80 assistance discount when you lend a hand assembling your Arc

First 50 miles from Lincoln is free, charged at 95p per mile thereafter.

Why a Horse Arc for your mobile field shelter?

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Cost effective, safe and natural

Saves space and money

One shelter for multiple horses/ponies

Safe and healthy shelter for your horse

Allows horses to stay together

Horse Arcs have so many advantages over traditional field shelters. They are ideal for horses living out 24/7 and offer great value for money if you have multiple horses.

As horses are flight animals, they are happier in spaces where they can exit quickly. Horse arcs allow horses to relax and even play in and around the arc together rather than being boxed into a traditional shelter. Horses who previously refused to use a field shelter have taken to a horse arc quite easily. The arcs also allow fresh air to circulate and let in lots of light.

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A place to eat, sleep and play

Safe to feed hay / hang nets in

A dry place for a snooze

Horses tend to play around horse arcs

Due to the open design of the arc, you can safely place hay in the arc for horses to eat. This reduces waste as hay doesn't get wet, blown away or trodden into mud. It also means that horses can be grazing on hay in the comfort of their arc on those very rainy days. Lucky horses!

Arcs also provide a dry, sheltered area for horses to sleep if they choose. The arcs lend themselves to the herding instinct to have a look out horse while the other horses sleep.

Our happy equine customers like to incorporate arcs in their play time, running in, out and around the arc. We have found that horses also like to have a good rub up against the arc and its thrust bars.

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The truly mobile field shelter

No planning permission required

Very easy to move

Move by hand, no 4x4 required

The Horse Arc is a mobile field shelter, planning permission is not required. Arcs are lighter and easier to move than traditional field shelters.

We don't just term The Horse Arc as mobile to get around planning consent. It is both feasible and practical to move it. This means that you can use a single shelter and move it's location when you rotate your grazing.

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Quality as standard

NEW Extra thick pressure treated timber

Kick boards

Thrust bars for extra strength

Mounted on Eco Grid blocks

Delivered and assembled on your site

Your Horse Arc will be assembled by our team, taking 1-2 days depending on daylight, and built around our patented wooden arches, see about us for more details.

Lengths of treated weatherboard cladding are fixed to the arches and finished with a PVC ridge strip secured to the apex. The cladding is now extra thick (20mm) to give the Arcs even more life and strength.

Metal thrust bars are attached to the sides of the arc to withstand the impact of horses rubbing up against it. The thrust bars are bolted to 4 concrete blocks, which are then buried to ground level to hide them from sight. The arc is stood on Eco Grid blocks, which protects it from the ground, making your arc last even longer. Exterior grade plywood kickboards and top rails are then fitted inside the arc to help withstand knocks and kicks from horses. The Arcs are finished with hay net rings fitted to the inside.

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Designed to withstand British weather

Guaranteed for 2 years

Snow and rain slips off

Withstands winds of up to 80mph

The arc shape allows rain and snow to roll off rather than collect and saturate the surface. The aerodynamics of the arc are far better than a square structure, allowing the wind to roll over the arc rather than hit a flat surface square on. This reduces the risk of wind damage in severe weather. The Horse Arc has withstood up to 80mph winds without damage, so they are ideal for exposed areas.

See our about us page for examples of the strength of our patented Arch support.

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A beatiful shelter that enhances the landscape

Patented Arch design

Beautiful design compliments the landscape

Bespoke sizes available to suit your needs

Customise your arc with optional extras

Horse Arcs provide the most elegant field shelter. The arcs sit beautifully in the British landscape, a modern and innovative structure, engineered to last but designed to impress.

Customise your arc with our optional extras to ensure it meets your requirements.

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Make a grand entrance

Stop gateways getting muddy

Shelters horses while they wait for you

Looks great

Gateways can become very muddy as they are high traffic areas and horses tend to stand in gateways, waiting for their owners. Some customers choose to have a second Horse Arc to position as a sheltered entrance to their field. This solves the problem of muddy gateways and provides a sheltered, dry area for you to groom and feed your horse. You can use the optional end enclosure bars to stable your horse in the arc while you are tending to him.

If budgets don't stretch to two arcs, you can position your one arc at the gateway. This is only suitable if your horses are happy to be in an enclosed shelter as you won't benefit from an open ended layout.

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